Weekly notes 11 — Profiling and amateur filing


More Web Codecs and Web Audio, but I started working on Gecko again this week. I’m finishing the AAC-in-MP4 bug, reviewing quite a few things, and starting new project. The latest one is to allow profiling all the code that is in the code base using the Firefox profiler, in bug 1714577. This meant registering the thread that this library creates, and binding the macros from the class Chromium header trace_event.h to something the Gecko Profiler understands. I think it was about 10 patches, and it works well it seems like. For now, only the simplest events are working, but it’s just a matter of dealing with a few variadic macros to get everything supported.

I believe this will be important to improve WebRTC performance in Firefox.


I’m continuing working on my Eurorack modules. This week, I worked on new face plates for the stereo mixer and the matrix mixer.

I used 2mm aluminium, brushed with sand paper, cut with a regular metal saw. I then punched the hole centers with a carbide tipped scribe, having printed the layout on a piece of paper taped to the metal plate, and then used a manual reamer, that somehow fit on my biggest power drill. This let me get clean 6mm holes at rather precise locations (laughable compared to what a CNC would do of course).

I tried to change the regular mounting holes to have something bit more interesting. I like the style but the result isn’t great because I’m not very good at filing indents like super straight yet.

I then used some super old school dry transfer letters with math symbols and regular alphabet to add some labels. I’m getting better at this, but it’s not there yet. Good enough though. One coat of mat varnish in spray, washers, nuts knobs, and they are back in the case.

A picture of the matrix mixer with a face plate.

A picture of the new face plate of my stereo mixer.

I think I’ll do the next module in the same style, and then, after I’ve understood how to do everything by hand, I might look into something a bit more modern.