Weekly notes 12 — Back into the swing of things

Back from an extended break, lots of work with quite a few weeks of time off, kind of a broken rhythm, but I’m back now.


WebCodecs is looking good and a sort of V1 is around the corner.

Most of the codec byte-streams are now referenced in a registry. It took a long time to track down exactly where the normative text for each codec were: sometimes in freely available documents such as simple web pages, e.g. for FLAC and Vorbis, sometimes in RFC, for example Opus, but sometimes in ISO standards, for mp3 and AAC. It’s about 200CHF for a PDF file that doesn’t even have links in its table of contents. Annoying, especially for someone that has spent close to a decade as an editor of Web Standards, where the excellent tooling makes it easy to produce cross-referenced documents with lots of links and, more importantly, where each version is freely available at a stable URL.

Other than that, I’m fixing things here and there, and improving the audio real-time profiling capabilities of Firefox, so that it’s easier to profile complex Web applications, and spot the spots where real-time safety is not guaranteed early.


I’ve been listening to loud repetitive music, making pizzas, photos and the occasional DJ set in Tréguennec in Britanny, Saou in Drôme, Chambonnas in Ardèche, and somewhere lost east of Paris, it was good to be outside for extended periods of time after a year and a half inside.

I’m trying to get back into my eurorack project and I’ve developed the first rolls of film in my new apartment (some rolls had sat exposed in a box for about a year). It’s a lot more convenient, simply because there’s a lot more space. It doesn’t make the photos themselves any better though.

The first picture of a roll of film with a burnt left edge, showing a box with rolls of films.