Weekly notes 9 — Life start again?


Still lots of specification work, but also lots of reviews for Gecko. On the specification side of things, I’m starting to write some spec text on Web Codecs, and we’ve more or less finalized the list of things that need to be done before an implementation ships.

We just finished a 2-weeks virtual Face to Face for the W3C Audio Working Group. This is called a Face to Face meeting because usually, we’re meeting in person for an intense 2 days / 8 hours each day spec discussion session, but obviously we can’t do this currently, so it was 8 sessions, 2 hours each day, for me from 18 to 20, which I thought would have been fine, but the curfew got extended to 21 and the weather is starting to be nice again. Oh well, a very productive couple of week anyways.

We had lunch at a restaurant with the other people from Mozilla that are in Paris this week, it felt strange.


As mentioned, it’s starting to be nicer, and things are reopening. I had a beer in the street while waiting for a pizza, lots of people all around.

I got my first vaccine shot on Wednesday in the 14th, one of those slots that anybody can book if in less than 24 hours, using, which is a Firefox extension that automates the process. The vaccination process itself was extremely well handled, and I have nothing to say about it. Excellent logistics all around, everybody (patients and staff) was nice and accommodating to ensure everything was as smooth as possible.

I’ve starting playing with my modular system again, got myself a nice Beatstep Pro and a few modules because I had holes in my case, and that finishing my own sequencer will take some more months, because I’m pretty sure I’ll want to go outside instead of routing PCBs in the next few weeks.

I’m trying to do dub techno (started by covering Mø6b - Edit from Maurizio) and regular dub, but it occurred to me that the very module I’ve designed, sent to the fab and received (but not soldered) would be amazing for this, because it’s a matrix mixer, that can be used to do sends. For now, I have very limited send capabilities, and so I’m doing everything with inserts and dry/wet, which is not the way to go.