Weekly notes 8 — Days off and a new bookshelf


The previous week, Thursday was a bank holiday in France, and Mozilla gave us the Friday off, so I only spent three days doing spec work, and not a lot doing anything else. I basically live in a couple issue tracker on GitHub now.


As hinted at last week, I built a book shelf with Etienne (and a few other people for varnish/sanding), and it looks good:

A 2/3rd empty bookshelf, a hi-fi system and my record collection

It was a pain to do. 54 4mm holes in concrete at very precise positions for pre-drilling, and 8mm as the final diameter. Two coats of clear mat varnish, and sanding on each side. Three cuts on the right hand side of the rightmost planks 1, which were both 154cm, because the walls are in fact not parallel, and we needed a bit of room, and finally 54 screws to secure the planks to the mounting brackets.

All of this is rated for 120kg per pair of brackets, so I’m good, I can buy as many massive photo books as I want now.

I’m eagerly waiting for the music shops to reopen to finally continue my music production hardware upgrade, and starting my modular synthesizer electronics project again.

  1. We did it in the basement area, where there was a power plug, because an electric jigsaw is impossibly loud, even when comparing with a power-drill making 108 holes in concrete. ↩︎